Ring Size Guide

iiAthena uses standard US ring sizes. To help you find your ring size, please refer to the following measurement steps and the ring size chart.

Measure Your Ring Size With These Steps:
  1. Wrap string or paper around the base of your finger.
  2. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen.
  3. Measure the string or paper with a ruler (mm).
  4. Pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart to find your ring size.

Other Ring Size Tips:

  • Typically, our dominant hand tends to have slightly larger fingers, so ensure you measure the appropriate finger on the correct hand.
  • Rings with broader bands will have a snugger fit. If you intend to measure one of your partner's rings, try to select one with a similar band width to the ring you wish to buy.
  • Ensure the finger you're measuring is at its normal body temperature since fingers can contract or expand in response to hot or cold conditions.
  • Keep in mind that your finger size can vary throughout the day. The most accurate time to measure your finger is towards the end of the day.
  • If your knuckle is larger, take two measurements and select a size that falls in between. This ensures the ring fits comfortably over the knuckle without being excessively loose, which could cause it to shift.